Taking The Sting Out Of Assault Charges

If you have been charged with assault or any similar offense in Colorado, there is no time to waste before getting experienced legal counsel. An assault conviction, at any level and under any circumstances, may carry serious consequences you have not considered. The same is true of charges such as menacing, harassment or absolutely any offense that may be enhanced under laws against domestic violence.

Richard P NedlinWhen facing charges like assault, you need an experienced, skilled defense attorney to oversee your case. I am attorney Richard P. Nedlin, founder of the Law Office of Richard P. Nedlin, LLC, and former Colorado deputy district attorney. Today, I put the credibility and strategic insight I gained during my time as a prosecutor to work for my criminal defense clients. I know how to expertly handle and finesse assault cases, negotiate with court officials, and when my clients' chances of acquittal at trial are strong recommend holding the state to their burden.

An Arrest After A Fight Requires A Fight For Your Rights

Assault charges are filed after many types of altercations, from bar fights and alleged "road rage" encounters to disputes within families and between other people with existing personal relationships. Even a first-offense misdemeanor conviction can result in jail time, and the impact on your job and educational prospects can be profound. If you are accused of first, second-degree or  third-degree assault, you need a lawyer with extensive felony and misdemeanor case experience to protect your rights.

I Will Seek The Best Possible Outcome For Your Case

I work directly with my assault clients throughout every step of their case. I will listen to your side of what happened rather than just relying on the police report. After fully evaluating your case I will then strategize to see if the following are realistic:

  • The evidence against you does not support the charge or will not hold up, justifying a motion for dismissal
  • You have a viable defense case because you were provoked or attacked and acted in self-defense
  • The best path is to pursue negotiations with the prosecutor to protect your vital interests, perhaps through a plea to a lesser charge or agreeing to probation and counseling

Get Help With Your Assault Charges Today

If you hire me, you can count on all-out defense of your rights and freedoms. I offer new clients free initial consultations. Call my office in Aspen at 970-236-6875 or send me an email to set up an appointment.